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Does not work on Apple iOS 14.6, 14.7, 14.8 ...., after some indeterminate random time audio starts crackling. Works properly on iOS 15.6

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E-stim sends mild electrical pulses through the skin to  stimulate muscles or manipulate nerves to exercise muscles, reduce pain, or induce pleasurable feelings. Some e-stim devices accept audio signals to modulate the stimulation allowing for infinite variable patterns of e-stim.

The problem with e-stim audio MP3 files is that other than an overall power level adjustment (volume control) the user cannot adjust any nuances of the power modulation. What works for one may not work for another, even from day to day your response changes, what felt good the one day may not feel good the next. Also, one remembers the sequence so after using the same audio file for some time, there are no surprises — that deja vu feeling .

Our E-Stereo e-stim audio server generates patterns that will never repeat, and on top of it the user can adjust the audio from flowing tickling waves to a raging gale. The adjustment possibilities are enormous and a graphical representation of the expected output is displayed.

The server is preloaded with about 10 minutes of data for you to experiment, and then it needs to reload. You will need to register an account and be logged in to enjoy 24/7 continues E-Stereo e-stim audio. Now you are not limited to the playtime of an e-stim audio MP3, we will outlast you!


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    waar vind ik de bestanden voor e-stim


    Google Translates:  where can i find the files for e-stim 


    @gerdi we do not serve the usual MP3 files, instead we serve continues stereo audio that is fully adjustable.

    Just click on the button below to go to the stereo server


    Mmmm nice trying  the effects of the different controls and observing the cock responses.

    Very nice sensations on my first try.


    Outstanding feelings…love the pause



    can someone else on internet control also the controllen not the partner but random person on the internet?


    I enjoy stimming with other like minded people on cam and sharing the feelings.  If interested email me   fredgastim@gmail.com   maybe we can have some fun..women invited also.



    Is there any presets?


    i click on the button ….. and nothing happen ….???


    <b>HI, why don’t we cam and stim and compare feelings while we enjoy watching each other… fredgastim@gmail.com</b>

    I love this generator.



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