This is a preliminary user guide.

When entering the E-stereo server, it first provides a calibration signal. This is used to match your audio device to the e-stim device. You need to adjust the volume control so that the e-stim device is not over driven by its audio input.

After calibration, you have many options to adjust the signal with sliders. These sliders are active throughout the session.

  • Level Adjust the output level. A goof start is around 50 to 60 to give you head room to adjust it upwards later during the session.
  • Envelope This adjust the difference in power output of an alternating signal.  This adjust the low level keeping the upper level. The displays gives you instant feedback.
  • Wave This control alters a smooth wave into an on-off wave. Play around with both Envelope and Wave.
  • Hold A adjust the high level duration of the A channel in relation to the low level duration of alternating signals.
  • Bounce B at a a value of zero, channel B equals channel A (like a mono input signal). At a value 100 channel A is opposite to channel B.
  • A not B gives an interesting effect that it time shifts the A and B channels
  • Teaser Level is a slow modulation of the output. This can change the feeling from a gentle tickle to a raging storm, depending on the settings — be warned.
  • Teaser Cycle slows/fastens the teaser cycles.
  • Teaser Hold is similar to Hold A below 50 shortens the higher power interval and above 50 lengthens it.

More comprehensive description here

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