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    Works with modern browsers.  Tested on

    • Windows  7 and 10 using Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge.
    • Mac and Safari
    • on an 2013 iPad with iOS 8.5.3

    It will not work on:

    • Devices using MS Internet Explorer as browser.

    Please add any devices that E-Stereo does not work on properly.


    After my  iPad updated to iOS 14.6 a problem arouse. After about 3 to 5 minutes the audio broke up and started to crackle. The degree of break up varies, it might be slight or very pronounce, but when present it can be amplified by scrolling the screen up or down.

    On my iPhone iOS 14.4.2 all works normally.

    Either something went wrong with the update or iOS14.6 is at fault.


    I can confirm crackling and audio artifacts with increased deterioration as time progresses on 5th gen iPad Mini with iOS 14.6 and iPhone Xs on iOS 14.6. Happens in both Safari and Chrome browsers. The way it progresses seems like a full buffer or memory leak, something that is increasing processing load beyond capacity. Does not appear to happen on 2nd gen iPad Mini on iOS 12.5.3 which runs the site very nicely, ran full 10 minute demo program without issue.

    Thanks for dreaming this up! Haven’t driven any of my boxes with it but looking forward to rigging up and trying it out!


    Can’t wait to try with my devices! However, using chrome on Android, the sliders knobs don’t track finger motion. (Many sites have similar issues.) They will move a little, then stop. Touching in the slider bar instantly moves the knob to the touched position. The audio comes through just fine, so it is still usable, just a little difficult. Maybe an alternative UI for mobile that adds fine adjustment up/down buttons? Or even eliminate the knob completely (because you can’t touch the portion of the bar underneath it) and replace with a narrow vertical bar to indicate position. Then users can just touch anywhere on the bar to position the level.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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